Mission Statement

Woodhill Dental Associates was formed in 1972 by Dr Moore and joined in 1990 by Dr Wilson. Together, they have developed a practice through which they could continue to provide quality, private dental care to their patients in the changing healthcare environment, which is increasingly dominated by managed dental care. Woodhill Dental Associates is also intended to provide a means for interacting synergistically with managed care to:

  • Maintain the oral health of our patients
  • Maintain quality of life for our patients
  • And, to do this is in a cost-effective way

Woodhill Dental Associates is committed to:

  • Maintaining the traditional dentist-patient relationship -- We are committed to providing the best care possible for everyone who seeks attention. Fundamental to this commitment is our recognition that patients are individuals and our staff respects the humanity of each patient they care for.

  • Providing tools for the accomplishment of these goals -- Woodhill is committed to providing our staff with the technology and knowledge with which to fulfill the motto: dental care where your dental health is the only care.

  • Providing these services in a professional environment -- Professionalism means dignity, respect and compassion. Each of these is the goal of our dentists and hygienists with every patient they see regardless of any characteristic which may distinguish an individual patient from another.

Our Motto

Dental care where your dental health is the only care!

This motto means that we will treat the patient with the best science and the best dentistry no matter what the circumstances of the patient and particularly without regard to the patient's financial resources. The only criteria used for making treatment decisions is, "what is best for this patient in this situation."

Our mission is to build a dental practice in Dallas that is worthy of the trust of every patient that seeks our help with their dental care. Our goal is to promote excellence in dentistry by example.

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